As my semester abroad draws to an end, I figured it’d be cool to make a map of all the places that I’d travelled to over the past 4.5 months. There are still so many places in both Australia and New Zealand that I have yet to see, but I am quite proud of the amount of exploring that I have been able to accomplish this time around. I will definitely be back one day to finish off what I’ve started here.

Brisbane Security

One thing that I really appreciate about living here is that the Brisbane City Council and Queensland Government put a lot of effort into monitoring, managing, and maintaining public safety and security. It makes me feel a lot more at ease when I walk on to a train at night and see two security officers standing and patrolling on it. Same with train stations and bus stations. I also feel more reassured, knowing that trained professionals at the Brisbane Metropolitan Traffic Management Centre are watching live feeds from over 700 CCTV cameras along the TransLink network, including those that record activity inside the trains and buses themselves. As a girl, I’m always a little afraid and on guard while traveling, especially when I’m by myself, and even more so after dark, but I feel supported by these systems, and if nothing else, they could at least be a potential backup resource if anything were to ever happen. I feel like Brisbane takes care of me. That’s a luxury I’ve never experienced in any other city before.